Lapo and Giulio, friends since kindergarten, have founded the company “Dalle Nostre Mani” ( from our hands), located in the hills of Cerbaia in Tuscany. Their company produces wine from organically grown grapes.

Giulio is an agronomist with a degree in enology. In addition to managing the vineyard, he also handles the wine and food selection for his restaurant “Vivanda.”
Lapo is also an agronomist with a degree in tropical science, Lapo also handles raw materials and logistics.

Our vineyards are characterized by the exclusive use of local grape vines such as Pungitello, Foglia Tonda, Abrostine, Abrusco extending from all the way to the protected area of Padule di Fucecchio

Dalle Nostre Mani is a project that  started in 2005 when we decided to restore some of the vineyards near Giulio’s house in Fucecchio. Many of the vinyards we utilize are owned by local farmers who, mainly because of their age, had not been able to properly maintain their vineyards. We started collaborating with 14 of these elder farmers, and today our project has evolved; we are farming 30 acres of restructured vineyards, converting them to organic production.

In our vineyard we utilize a form of cultivation called “Girone Capovolto Toscano” where we tie the grapevine shoots into rows using willow tree branches or other biodegradable material, never plastic.

All the operations in the vineyard, from the pruning to the harvest of the grape,  are done manually and with a great passion that is the underlying characteristic of our wine production.

We farm the vineyards in the tradition of elder farmers using ancient natural methods that are at risk of disappearing
Our wine bottle labels are designed to pay tribute to the farmers that came before and those that work with us now.

The wine we produce is lively, sincere and natural, produced with respect for the environment and the people that drink it.

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